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2016-08-17 The development has been rebooted by Michael Labouebe (gfarmerfr) on GitHub.

2013-08-13 Code has moved to GitHub.
Please fork and send your pull-requests ;-)

2013-04-29 New Debian / Ubuntu package fixing NowPlaying with Amarok2: Get It!
The UPnP module is still available here: i386 / amd64

Many thanks to SeeSchloss for his work on the transferring issues!

Welcome to the Nicotine+ Trac

What is Nicotine and Nicotine+?

Hyriand's rewrite of PySoulSeek with a PyGTK GUI is called Nicotine.

Nicotine+ is an attempt to keep Nicotine working with the latest libraries, kill bugs, keep current with the Soulseek protocol and add some new features that users want and/or need.

The main developers were daelstorm, quinox and hedonist.

The current main developer is Michael Labouebe (gfarmerfr).






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Nicotine on your Distributions ? See: NicotineOnDistro

Installers: Windows Ubuntu/Debian & other .deb based systems (require at least python2.5 and GTK 2.12) UPnP module i386 / amd64
Source: Tar.GZ / Tar.BZ2
Or head over to your local SourceForge mirror.

Release notes for 1.2.16 Plenty of bug fixes, the most important ones being #641 and #593: The former means all your private rooms should now show up and the latter one means portmapping with the binary UPnPc works. For the complete list of changes check out the Changelog

Windows users: Some users reported that you have to uninstall 1.2.14, or install 1.2.16 to a new directory. Without this Nicotine+ fails to start properly.

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Living on the edge? Try running it from the git repository instructions


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Some things (userbar, button, icons) about SoulSeek, Nicotine and Nicotine+

Want to help out with Nicotine+?

Read the Developers Guide for information about the Soulseek Protocol and translation instructions for the GUI.

Nicotine Developers

Check the About->Credits dialog for more contributors