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2009/01/23 Version 1.2.11 released. Postponed!

2008/12/30 Version 1.2.10 released! Nicotine Team is pleased to introduce you new the official Windows Installer :)

2008/11/17 A new Windows installer has been created. Please test it and report us any issue!
Get it here

2008/11/11 Quinox has just taken N+ development lead. 1.2.10 release is on the way! Stay tuned!

Welcome to the Nicotine+ Trac

What is Nicotine and Nicotine+?

Hyriand's rewrite of PySoulSeek with a PyGTK2 GUI is called Nicotine.

Nicotine+ is an attempt to keep Nicotine working with the latest libraries, kill bugs, keep current with the Soulseek protocol and add some new features that users want and/or need.

The main developers are daelstorm and quinox. hedonist recently joined the team and will mainly work on the OS X version of Nicotine+.






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1.2.10 Windows Installer / Sources (tar.gz) / Sources (tar.bz2)
NL Mirror: Windows Installer / Sources (tar.gz) / Sources (tar.bz2)

Warning If you have windows make sure you install 1.2.10 in an empty directory - overwriting 1.2.9 will result in a RunTime? error. When bug #330 is fixed we will improve the installation process. For now you can copy the 'config' directory from your 1.2.9 directory to your 1.2.10 directory to preserve all the settings.

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Living on the edge? try NicotineFromSubversion?

Download the OS X installer (Alpha release):OS X Installer


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Some things (userbar, button, icons) about SoulSeek, Nicotine and Nicotine+

Want to help out with Nicotine+?

Read the Developers Guide for information about the Soulseek Protocol and translation instructions for the GUI.

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