Nicotine+ To Do


  • Make all tabs detachable, hideable (and make selecting them from the menu unhide those hidden tabs) (well, the main tabs are now hideable, but not yet detachable)
  • Fix bugs
  • Fix memory leak with refreshing other users' shares
  • Add real ticker (that doesn't use massive amounts of CPU)


Implement Distributed Search

Distributed Message 9 sample:

Distrib message type 9 size 144 contents '\x00\x00\x00x\xda\xe3b``(\xce\xc9/O+M\xceN-Z\x0e\xe41\x82p8\x90H\xb6\x8a)\xce)\xce\x8e)\xc9HUH\xca\xafH-R(JMJ\xcd\xc9\xc9\xcc\xcfS\xd0U(\xcd\x03\xd1\x1aF\x06\x06\x96\x9a\n\x1a\xf9ii\x99\xc9\x99\x899\x9a1\x06\xe6z\n \x1d\xe9\xf9\xc5\x05\xa99\n\xf9i@VQ\xbeBbJbrF\xa6^n\x811\xff\x846\x06\x10`\x06b \x97\x99\x01\x02\x1e@\xad\xb6\x02\x12LP1\x06/?\x06\x06^(\x1b\x00|\xda&\xbd' 

Note by hedonist: try zlib.decompress on contents[3:] :)


  • Ban by IP address, subnet
  • Make Username Tabs to open the same popup menus as their mode, not a silly tab selector
  • Add a save-file-list option to User Browse
  • Make trayicon toggleable
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