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Nicotine+ on Slax

Currently there's no packages in our repository for Slax. However, you can download modules direct from here:

Required modules:

Optional modules:

if you want others to see the bitrate of ogg/vorbis files you're sharing

if you want to block users from specific countries

Slax modules bug fixes

  • added GeoIP C Libary
  • upgraded python-ogg, python-vorbis and python-geoip (they now all work perfect!)
  • fixed GeoIP not showing country names

How To

Download required modules and put them in /modules of Slax. If you want, you can also download the optional modules and put them in /modules as well. Now go to you Slax folder:

root@slax:~# cd /path/to/slax/folder

Generate the modified Slax:

root@slax:/path/to/slax/folder# ./

Burn on CD and enjoy!

Another way

Another way how to use Nicotine+ SLAX module is by executing uselivemod command. Syntax is following:

root@slax:~# uselivemod /path/

The module will be inserted into live filesystem immediately, so the application will look like it would be installed. You will need to run the application by apropriate command. Unfortunately using modules on the fly by uselivemod can sometimes hang your machine, it's some Slax bug which needs to be fixed. It's NOT a Nicotine+ bug!!

If you are using SLAX Standard Edition (or any other edition with KDE) you can doubleclick the file in konqueror, this will do the trick too.

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