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nicotine stuck on connecting

Reported by: dusanu Owned by: quinox
Priority: normal Milestone: Release 1.3.0
Component: nicotine Version: 1.2.14
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My Nicotine seems to get stuck connecting to certain users, while it is normally downloading from others. I have my ports forwarded on my router (and nicotine reports that they are set OK), but have not installed upnp (since I figured it is not necessary). I looked around for the solution but could not find it. Can anybody help?

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help please?

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there are a small percentage of users you'll be unable to connect to, but that's probably less than 0 percent.

If you have your port forwarded properly as you described you should make sure you have the option "I can receive direct connections" turned on.

If that thing is on already perhaps N+ is crashing somewhere, try running N+ from a terminal in that case

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I have a similar problem. Some queued downloads all go to "connecting" during nicotine startup whether the user is online or not and stay stuck like this. Initially it worked fine until an unexpected disconnection.

I can't add any files to the download from the user browse panel for these stuck files users.

my first thought was a corrupt config fileor something like that.

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