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Shares configuration more like ssX, please?

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We all know how the shares settings work in N+, so let me explain how it works in ssX instead. Directly after you add a folder to your shares list, you can walk through it recursively (like in any common file browser). For every subfolder, you can choose from three options: "share" (like the superfolder), "share only to friends", or "don't share". If you set a subfolder to "only to friends", the subfolders of that subfolder can of course only be shared to friends, or to nobody at all. So this way of configuration allows you to add a large folder with many subfolder at once, and then pick out a few subfolder you don't want to share, or you only want to share to friends. Also, you can see a large deal of your shares (or non-shares) at once, because it works like an expansible list (just like in the file browser of N+).

It's very hard to accomplish the same effect with N+. If there's a very deep subfolder that you don't want to share, within a larger folder of many files that you do want to share, then there is no other option than recursively bottom-up adding all folders around that folder you don't want to share.

Is my point clear? I hope somebody could implement this...

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