This guide is a general explanation for running Nicotine+ from Subversion. There is also a special OSX Guide

Getting Nicotine+ from the Subversion Repository

First, make sure you have Subversion installed and all dependencies as well.

Then, issue the following commands in a terminal

Download the Nicotine source to the nicotine+/ directory

svn checkout nicotine+

Change to the new nicotine+ directory

cd nicotine+

Run the version of nicotine just downloaded


To update a previously checked out Nicotine+

cd nicotine+
svn up

To download a specfic release of Nicotine-Plus

svn checkout nicotine+

Replace the X.X.X with the version

Subversion on Windows

If you don't already have them, install the required dependencies:


To install Mutagen extract the mutagen folder to C:\ (Within the extracted folder there is another folder. That is the one you need to put on C:\.)

cd "C:\mutagen-1.15"
c:\python26\python.exe install


  • Get TortoiseSVN
  • Install TortoiseSVN and restart Windows
  • Open Windows Explorer and create a directory ex: C:\nicotine-plus
  • In Explorer, use the right-click popup menu to select SVN Checkout
  • Under URL of repository enter and set your Checkout directory to newly created directory
  • Press Ok and wait till all files are downloaded
  • Enter the new directory
  • Run nicotine.pyw to start Nicotine+


  • When you want to update, right-click on the nicotine svn directory and select SVN Update
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